We'll be at the Carlton the night before and after the wedding.

These hotels are all 1) close to Empress and MRT stations, and 2) within walking distance of each other. Singapore is tiny—wherever you choose to stay will be great. Let us know if you want some help.

Getting Around

The subway in Singapore is called the MRT. You can buy tourist passes with unlimited rides from many MRT stations, including Changi Airport. You can also buy refillable cards for $5. If you go refillable, keep in mind that the MRT charges by trip length rather than a flat fee (this is a good thing; it's very affordable).

You can also call a cab. For ride–sharing, download Grab.

Things to Do


  • Gardens by the Bay & Cloud Forest
  • Marina Bay Sands for sunset and fireworks
  • Going prawning
  • Soaking up the humidity


  • Singapore Zoo & River Safari
  • Jewel Changi Airport
  • Walking around Orchard Road
  • National Museum of Singapore
  • National Gallery Singapore
  • Searching for A/C

Eat & Drink

There isn't a big sitdown restaurant culture in Singapore. The real good stuff is found in food courts and hawker centers. Carry cash.


Kaya toast
Toast with butter and kaya (coconut + pandan). Get it with a soft–boiled egg.
Roti prata
Doughy flatbread eaten with curry. I get the roti with an egg; Sarah prefers no egg + cheese. Sarah's brother Zach's and my favorite.
Sugarcane juice
Literally just freshly juiced sugarcane. It's fun to watch them make it in front of you!
A store that sells a fancy version of the above, but mixed with coconut juice.
Hainanese chicken rice
Poached chicken and rice. Classic Singaporean dish. Sarah's sister Avery's favorite.
Skewers of meat with a peanut sauce for dipping.
Mango sticky rice
Topped with a sauce made from pandan leaves and coconut. Not Singaporean but still delicious.


Chwee kueh
Did not like this as a child but now it's my favorite savory breakfast food.
Kueh balu
Best sweet breakfast food. Dunk it in your coffee.
Carrot cake (black)
A soft, savory fried turnip mash with egg. No relation to the western dessert.
Water chestnut juice
Favorite drink I can't find in NY.
Beef noodles (dry)
I always look for this at the food courts. It's sticky.
Sweet pink rose drink. Not for diabetics.
Chili crab and mantou
The mantou is the real star.
Lor mee
Noodles and fish and pepper. Also Mom's favorite.
Mee rebus
Yet another noodle dish. Dad's favorite.
It grew on me. Just try it!